About Us

HI! WE ARE ROXANNA & REUEL, A travel loving couple...

To start off, here’s a little about us and how we began to travel. I have always wanted to travel and move out of my home town in Goa, India to see the world. I have had these dreams of seeing the world from way back when I never thought they would become a reality. Once in college, that is where I met Reuel. We were best friends first who loved to travel. We would take long trips, to see sunsets or just for dessert at one of our fav little café’s in Goa back then. Every break we got would always end up on a road trip. 

Both of us were offered jobs, me back in India and Reuel in Dubai. So before I could start the mundane life of a Software Engineer in Mumbai India (which back then was a dream city to me), I decided to take a holiday to Dubai and have one last Hoorah before settling down.
When in Dubai (call it fate), I got a job here working for one of the biggest Airlines in the world and decided to give up my job back home and move here. The first few years of life in Dubai passed really quickly. Dubai is a dream city, and you can get so quickly absorbed into it that everything else is just secondary. As most others who move to Dubai, our plan was also to work here for a while and then move back home in a year or 2. 

Fast-forward 9 years, we are married and still live in Dubai, working for different companies than we started off with and traveling the world with each other cause who better to travel with than your best friend and soul mate.

For anyone who has the travel bug, Dubai is one of the best places to be. It is centrally located from pretty much everywhere, and there are flights to pretty much every corner of the world. We initially started off with only long weekend trips as anyone who has a full-time job knows, leave is always a commodity. The first few years started with only staycations within Dubai and Oman. But in a few years, we decided to switch it to more international locations closer to reach.

Reuel and I are two very different people and hence make the perfect duo. He’s always had a love for traveling to cities, whereas I love nature. Finding a balance is easy, and we always find a way to satisfy both our travel needs. One of the best perks is that we both love the beach, and it has always held a special place for us. Every year, we make a point to at least include one beach holiday into our itinerary.

The decision to start this blog mainly arose during the lockdown period of Covid-19. It not only gives us a chance to keep ourselves occupied but also helps reminisce on our previous travels, waiting for the day when the borders are once again open and we can get back to exploring the world. So come explore our site and please contact us for any queries.